Schrodinger token is a community-driven project that hopes to provide the kind of purr-fectly amazing, enthusiastic joy that DOGE, SHIB and others have for crypto investors.


Meet Dinger
The Crypto Cat

Since its birth Dinger Token and the team behind it has always strived to be more, to achieve more, and to grow more. That is why Dinger is constantly adding and growing, becoming a main player in the cryptocurrency environment in just a week, reaching goals and market caps some coins only dream of reaching. But like all of Dinger's goals, it makes them a reality.

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Dinger Token &
The CatNip Ecosystem

Dinger Token is the next generation of meme culture. We will kick off a revolution where an average person can gain access to launching meme tokens and creating their own unique environments that will help their memes succeed. We are centered around investor protection and are creating our suite of products with that in mind.

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Where Did The Name Dinger Come From?

In 2019 we finally figured out exactly why Elon Musk named his cat Schrodinger or Dinger for short. We should have figured it had to do with science.

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Question of the Day: Do Cats like Pajamas?

Early on Schrodinger was talked about and even referenced a few times by Elon Musk on twitter. In this particular interaction he's trying to determine if cats do in fact like wearing pajamas.

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It's Time To Shine!

A twitter user tweeted at Elon Musk letting him know they missed his pups on their Instagram feed and posted a picture. But sadly, the pic didn't include the beloved Schrodinger.

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Dinger Tokenomics

With every sale of DINGER, there will be two transactions with the same maker address. One transaction is for the actual sale that the maker made. The other transaction is a sale of the accumulated tokens from the taxes. These tokens are sold for eth and then distributed to the developer and marketing wallets accordingly.

ERC-20 Contract:
BEP-20 Contract:
Total Supply:

Contract Audit: Read Here

Launch of the token sale for major investors with the entry threshold of $100.00

  • 3.5%

    Development Tax
  • 3.5%

    Marketing Tax
  • 1%


Utilities &
Use Cases

Dinger offers a complete ecosystem of utilities for our holders. Check out just a few of the utilities we have announced so far.


A fully-automated launchpad for meme tokens and NFTs.


Liquidity and Token Locking DApp


An educational platform to bring more people into crypto.

9 Lives

An automated refund portal for holders.


An interactive gaming platform.

The CatNip Overview

Cat-apult will be an automated, self-service launchpad for meme tokens and NFTs. There will be many considerations taken for investor safety to limit any manipulation by both token launchers as well as investors. Additionally, safeguards will be put in place to spread out the release of funds to a team, limiting early abandonment of projects.

The Cat-apult platform will automatically add liquidity to the specified dex. After liquidity has been added, it will be locked on the Dlock platform. Additionally, any locks for team and vested tokens will be on the Dlock platform.

While Cat-apult can 100% guarantee that a launch will be safe from a rug pull, it cannot guarantee that a team will continue to work on the token that they have launched. To help mitigate this risk, Cat-apult will have a unique form of assurance for investors. Should the majority of token holders lose confidence in a project within the early phase of a project (the specific time frame is to be determined, they will be able to initiate the assurance/refund process. More details on Cat-apult assurance and the 9 Lives platform will be released at a later date.

Cat-iversity aims to help people advance their knowledge in crypto. Areas of education range from beginner to expert and will include:

  • Understanding Etherscan
  • How to buy and sell on a decentralized exchange
  • How to look for new listings
  • Meme coin seminars/meme expo
  • Advanced blockchain classes
  • And much more
  • Beginners classes will be free to everyone, but advanced classes will require a payment in DINGER token. Additional forms of entry, including DINGER staking, may be available as well.

    More info coming soon on our iCat program! Join our telegram to stay up to date with latest announcements and updates.

    Buying Dinger is Easy

    How to Buy Dinger

    Currently DINGER can only be purchased through Uniswap or PancakeSwap, but we have plans to expand as well as getting listed on major CEXs.

    Dinger has made waves in the crypto communities and as such, similar tokens and clones have come out. Please be sure to confirm you are purchasing the correct DINGER and never use a contract address given to you by another person.